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Derma Roller 200 Pines Micro Pins Rodillo de agujas para la piel Regeneración interna Antienvejecimiento Arrugas Celulitis Cicatriz Tratamiento de est

  • Longitud de Agujas:
    1.00mm - Moderadamente doloroso - Crema adormecedora
    1.50mm - Muy doloroso - Crema adormecedora (requerida)
    2.00mm - Muy doloroso - Crema adormecedora (necesaria)
    0.50mm - Midly Painful - Crema adormecedora (Opcional)
    0,25 mm - sin dolor - sin crema adormecedora - sin sangrado
    0.75 mm - Moderadamente doloroso - Crema adormecedora
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KOI BEAUTY DERMA ROLLER. Derma rolling is a process of creating tiny micro channels in your skin to increase absorption of your products and, mostly, to trigger your skin renewal process and the creation of collagen. Our minimally invasive cosmetic skin roller will leave your skin feeling firmer and tighter while diminishing large pores. Applied with your favourite skin care product (moisturizer, serum, wrinkle cream, scar cream and anti-aging cream), you will see tremendous improvement in your skin. Our Roller was designed with high quality titanium needles and a translucent functional design handle with non-slip grip to ensure a pleasant experience.

About the product

✅ ROLL AWAY THE YEARS → Reduce imperfections and look your absolute best! While rolling on your skin, tiny micro-channels are created which drastically increase the absorption of skin serums, creams and moisturizers up to 500%! Over time with continuous use your skin will begin to tighten, glow and give off a fresh young look. Be prepared for your friends and family’s shock once they notice your youthful fresh glow!

✅ EASY & PAINLESS → Whether you are well experienced or completely new to microneedling, the 0.25mm exfoliating micro roller size is proven by dermatologist to be one of the safest and most effective derma rollers available. Unlike the 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, and 1.5mm our anti aging instrument causes absolutely no pain and no bleeding which is why it recommended by dermatologists as the #1 best beginner tool.

✅ SAVE MONEY & TIME → Defying age has never been easier and more affordable than it is now. Before microdermabrasion tools came along, facial rejuvenation would cost hundreds of dollars for expensive treatments. There is simply no need for you to throw away your hard earned money on expensive procedures when you can treat yourself more efficiently and effortlessly with a Derma Roller from the convenience of your own home at a fraction of the cost!

✅ PROFESSIONAL INCLUDED → We know that you want to amp up your results with this tool and if you are a beginner it can be frustrating to learn the ropes. So this is why we created an entire guide dedicated to the use of the Derma Roller. Not only will you learn how to use the product, but you will also learn tips and tricks from the pros that you won't find elsewhere.

✅ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE → We are 100% assured that you will love our premium micro needling set. Know that you are protected with our no risk 30 day money back guarantee. Your pleasure and satisfaction is our promise to you!


  • Drastically improves your skin texture

  • Decrease appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Proven to increase absorption of topical serums by up to 1000%

  • Use on your face, body and even to battle hair loss

  • Promotes cell regeneration

  • Helps open your pores

  • Best beginner tool

  • Safe & Painless

  • Affordable SolutionFor men and women


Type KOI BEAUTY – 192 Micro-needles Derma Roller
Certification Medical CE / ISO13485 / RoHS / FDA / PSE
Model MDR - 200T
Needle Type Single needle
Needle Information 31G, 200 needles, Titanium
Needle Depth 0.25mm / 0.50mm / 0.75mm/  1.00mm / 1.50mm / 2.00mm 
Disinfection 75% Ethyl Alcohol & Gamma Radiation
Dimensions 6.3 x 1.5 x 1.8 inches
Weight 2.56 ounces

     ✔️ KOI BEAUTY Derma Roller x1 
     ✔️ Storage/Travel Case x1 
     ✔️ Instruction Manual x1 
     ✔️ 30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

     • 0.25mm suitable for cell regeneration; enchancee nutrlent absorption,hair re-growth.
       Eye & Facial treatment / Home Use ( Use everyday )
     • 0.50mm suitable for hyper-pigmentation or anti-aging,hair re-growth, cell regeneration.
       Eye & Facial treatment / Home Use ( Use Onec / Month or every 7 days )
     • 1.00/0.75mm suitable for a vatiety of skin problems,good for deeper wrinkles,light scars etc.
       Body & Facial treatment / Medical Use ( Use every 4~6 Weeks or Twice / month )
     • 1.50/2.00mm recommended for treating other body parts,specially stretch marks & other body areas scars etc.
       Body treatment / Physician Use ( Use every 6~8 Weeks )

     1. Sanitize Roller with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (fill a small cup and submerge roller head for 1-2 minutes).
     2. Wash Your Face Thoroughly, Remove All Makeup then Pat Dry.
     3. Apply Your Serum to Keep Your Skin Moist When Derma Rolling (Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid is Highly Recommended).
     4. Gently Roll 4-8 Times in Each Direction (Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonally).
     5. Rinse your DivineDerma Roller under Warm Water for 15 seconds, then Sanitize with Alcohol.
     6. Then Apply Your Serum or Moisturizer to your Face or the Treated Area.
     7. After Your Roller is Dry, Place it in the Protective Travel Case for Safe Keeping.

     !  Attempt derma rolling if you have a skin condition (including active acne, open wounds, rashes, skin cancer).
     !  Share your dermaroller.
     !  Apply too much pressure when derma rolling.
     !  Be tempted to needle your skin more than the recommended number of times.

Koi Beauty DermaRoller is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The microneedles are sterilized with gamma radiation and sealed in a hermetic pouch and are guaranteed to be 100% contaminant-free upon delivery.The DermaRoller uses mironeedles made from non-allergenic medical grade steel so there is no possibility of an allergic reaction to the device.The process is completely natural , safe and effective. 30 days refund without preconditions. 90 days warranty provided by Koi Beauty.

5.0 out of 5 starsNo es duro
ByHalloween Babyon 29 de mayo de 2017
Compra verificada
Suave, pero puedo sentir que perfora la piel.

5.0 out of 5 stars¡Adelante!
ByBella P.on 22 de mayo de 2017
Compra verificada
Quiéralo. Llegó antes que la fecha de entrega. Funciona bien con mi suero! ¡Además, es titanum asequible!

5.0 out of 5 starsEnvío perfecto y rápido
ByForest Songon 6 de abril de 2017
Compra verificada
Esto está mejor hecho que las versiones anteriores. El envío fue más rápido de lo que esperaba.

5.0 out of 5 starsmejor jamás.
Bysarahon 12 de abril de 2017
Compra verificada
Las agujas son tan agudas. Ni siquiera duelen. La mejor marca lo he intentado todavía. Seré un cliente de mucho tiempo.

5.0 out of 5 starsLas agujas son muy fáciles de doblar
BySF141 el 10 de agosto de 2017
Compra verificada
Las agujas son muy fáciles de doblar; Solo uso una vez y no reutilizo personalmente ya que son muy baratos y puedes dañar tu piel si estás usando una aguja doblada o sin brillo. Funciona perfectamente y estoy contento de poder tener un sello de alta calidad a un precio bajo que puedo usar en casa.

5.0 out of 5 starsStamp es impresionante
ByK Wiseon 30 de agosto de 2017
Compra verificada
¡¡¡Buen producto!!!

5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars
Byirina Cucueton 17 de agosto de 2017
Compra verificada
Producto excelente.


Would this help reduce raised hypertrophic acne scars? Which size?
yes,it can help it,and the size will based on yourself.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 13, 2016 

I have holes on my face from my acne is this can help me to minimize ?
I haven't had to use it for that but, it should help if you use religiously. I originally got my first one with a RAnd F skin care package. It really works. But it's not permanent and must be kept up.
Good luck, buy a good skin cream and get info on u tubes videos!
By Adelle Graves on June 14, 2017

Does it work for eye bags
I can see some improvement
By Jean1970 on June 27, 2017 

Do you have this in a 1 mm size?
Yes, you should just order from ISSTOE, at "see all buying option" or "new" and after you order just pm that you want 1.00mm
By ISSTORE SELLER on December 15, 2016

Hi. Yes there is.
FlamingoS  SELLER  answered on December 14, 2016 

Write in the comment to the order
FlamingoS  SELLER  answered on December 14, 2016 

Please reference this link:
M.T Beauty Skin Care Tool for Face & Body,Beauty Kit for Improve Stretch Marks, Cellulite and Wrinkles (M.T10)
Healthy-Care  SELLER  answered on December 15, 2016 

I have whiteheads, blackheads, and large pores. What size would I need and how well does it work on getting rid of these problems?
I would suggest to start with a smaller one and than you'll see. You don't want to damage your skin, or even after-worse to have pigmentation. That is my opinion, but the best you could do to see cosmetologist once and than you will know. Clay masks really helpful as well. Just not over due it.
By Matilda G Allen on May 5, 2017  

I am not sure. I have the same issues, but I have not received my roller yet to know if I need a different size.
Holly answered on May 5, 2017 

I have several sizes of the derma roller. I use it regularly and I usually do a baking soda exfoliation first and make sure my face is very clean. I like the .25 roller the best because one can use it more often. It does make your face clearer and you will see less blackheads and other breakout issues. Don't expect miracles the first time...I always use a toner afterwards even dickensons witch hazel will work and I use a good Vitamin C serum. Hope this helps!
Pinterest Lady answered on May 5, 2017 

can you use this on your head to help with hair loss?
Not that I know of. It would get tangled in your hair and be very difficult to get out without pulling out more hair.
By Neva Steffens on March 17, 2017 

I have read you can use this with minoxodil, but I have never tried it
Sabrina2 answered on March 17, 2017

I recently ordered this but the packaging is very different. t reads "dermaroller system" instead of "skin care system" as advertised. why ?
That's what the product is called; it is used for skin care but the product itself is called a dermaroller.
By Danielle P. on March 22, 2017 

Mine is labeled derma roller too, but it is as described.
Sheryle M. Harker answered on March 22, 2017 

I received exactly what i ordered and what I understood the product to be.
Amazon Customer answered on March 24, 2017 

I was looking for a dermaroller system which is a skin care system, maybe it is the way you searched for product?
Amazon Customer answered on March 26, 2017 

How effective is this for hair loss/growth?
It's not really used for hair loss/growth, but to help with skin clearance.

I use this for my face as per directions. I love it. My skin is able to absorb my oils and moisturizers and my wrinkles have minimized.
Amazon Customer answered on March 9, 2017 

Can I use it on the lip area?
I've never used it on the lip area.
I'd say that it's not recommended as the lip area is more vascular than the rest of the face, so it would cause much more bleeding.
Use common sense. No eyelids either.
By Danielle P. on March 8, 2017

You sure can. It is best to use a lip serum afterwards. Remember this tools purpose is to put tiny holes in the skin to absorb products better
Katherine Cullinane answered on November 30, 2016 

yes you can.
Healthy-Care  SELLER  answered on December 1, 2016  

Does it help dark spot (age spot) on the face?
They say you need all east a. 05 roller, or higher for that, but yes, it would help most people depending on the severity. However keep in mind, the. 25 roller is excellent at opening your skin in regards to helping skin creams/anti-aging serums, ect penetrate much much deeper and therefore be 100 times more effective.… see more
By Amazon Customer on March 7, 2017

I'm not sure it does by itself but what I have found is that it helps with product penetration. After I do it, I put on a vitamin C serum and then continue to layer products that I use to address my issues such as aging. I really do like this and I use it about twice a week. I have seen a notable difference. My skin feels and looks better.
DLR answered on March 6, 2017 

How does it work ? And what does it do ? And how often do u have to use it ... What cream and what now should u use it with ???
The needles create micro injuries that promote collagen creation. I do it every 3rd or 4th day (and get a new one every 10th or 12th time). I cleanse and do a quick peel, layer on my hyaluronic acid serum and then roll. After I put on my retinol and moisturizer. Byrdie has great tutorials under microneedle or derma rolling.
By Jane Quigley on March 11, 2017

I wouldnt reccommend it. My skin was on fire for over 12 hours and that was with following my normal skin routine and using the roller lightly. My face looked like it had a slight sunburn for the next day or so and it left my face rough for several days after.
Christopher Carrie answered on March 13, 2017 

Whats the best size needle for stretch marks?
1.0-2.5 MM all are ok,it depends on your skin itself.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on January 4, 2017 

Hi, I would start with this one first because the needles are small. However do plenty of research online about micro-needling at home and always use a Pure vitamin C oil for afterwards
heather velazquez answered on January 3, 2017 

Hello! Thank you for your question! 1-2.5mm
JADA STORE  SELLER  answered on January 4, 2017 

1.0 and higher
MJ answered on January 4, 2017 

Can you use this on your lips. I saw a girl on YouTube say that over time it makes your lips bigger...
I'd say if you do use it on your lips to do so very lightly. And I can't really say if they make your lips bigger or not.
By Jessica Helms on March 25, 2017 

Can ot be used on the neck
Yes I use it on my neck.

Can ot be used on the neck
Yes I use it on my neck.
By tjl53 on June 3, 2017 

Does it work for dark circles under eye area??
it can work for eye bags not dark circles.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 2, 2016 

What is a good moisturizer that I can use after using the derma roller?
Vitamin C is ok.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 8, 2016 

First you wanna put on a serum like Vitamin C and then wait about 10 min for that to soak up. Then for moisturizing I like to use a Aloe Vera gel. It reduces the redness and it's natural. No extra ingredients. But if you want to opt for a moisturizer, Cerave is a good brand and has a nice moisturizer with minimal ingredients.
D. J. Saravia answered on December 7, 2016 

Has anyone looked at the needles up close? Are they truly very fine 'needles" in shape and not a jagged blade (like the last one I purchased online)?
They look like fine needles to me and not jagged
By Angela Schneider on April 19, 2017

Whats the maximum no of times a roller can be used?
It depends on yourself.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 28, 2016  

I haven't received mine yet, sorry!
Renee B answered on December 27, 2016 

What size roller is best for acne, acne scarring, discoloration, and wrinkles?
Hello! Thank you for your question! I think 0.25mm.
By JADA STORE SELLER on January 2, 2017 

I haven't received my package yet. But honestly it varies because I read some people say 0.75mm some 0.2 others 0.25mm so I don't really know. And for discoloration you might need to buy a peeling acid serum. I bought one and people swear it works with blackhead whitehead acne scars discoloration wrinkles...I haven't tried it yet because it hasn't arrived yet. You might want to do research about the peeling acid.
veronica romero answered on January 2, 2017

Does it help in hair rejuvenation in bald spots ?
yes,it can help it.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 5, 2016 

can i use retin a after using the derma roller
By carol petronelli on November 29, 2016 

Is this CE approved
Yes,it is.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on November 22, 2016 

This one does not say CE approved
MJ answered on December 6, 2016 

Hi, What is the needle size on this roller?
The size is 0.25 mm.
By Healthy-Care SELLER on December 17, 2016 

Will this stimulate beard growth? Me
Not sure about the beard, as I use it on my face (female), and I have not noticed any hair growth! Thank goodness! But, my partner has been using it on an area of his head that was bald and partially balding, and along with that and using Onion Oil and Castor Oil, he has definitely had new hair growth on the bald areas, and almost full on the areas that were going bald. see less
By Amazon Customer on June 26, 2017 

Can this be used while taking acutane?
Ask your doctor only. Desperate people may destroy their skin, in the hopes of improvement. I would not damage my skin further to push acutane into it, if already damaged. After treatment, this may reduce the damage.
By Godfrey #1 on March 23, 2017

Ask your doctor only. Desperate people may destroy their skin, in the hopes of improvement. I would not damage my skin further to push acutane into it, if already damaged. After treatment, this may reduce the damage that your skin has sustained.
Godfrey #1 answered on March 23, 201

What is the needle depth for this roller?
0.25 mm.
By Heyjude on February 6, 2017 

Do u have 0.5 needle ?
No,just 0,25mm

what do people mean by serum? after using this on my face, do i use a toner than moisturizer?
Hi, serum is a product that helps with wrinkles. I use Meaningful Beauty serum but you can get other selections pretty much anywhere like walmart, pennys, ECT. Love using the serum, I'm in my 40s and a lot people think I'm in my 20s. A good serum is worth your $. Hope this helps.
By Rita on March 9, 2017 
By GoodZoneStore SELLER on January 19, 2017 

Use your moisturizer afterwards! Skip toning on days that you use your derma roller, or, do what I do and tone your face in the morning, and derma roll at night.
Amazon Customer answered on March 8, 2017 

do dermapens hurt more or this?
I use I warm cloth on my face to open pores then spray the tool with vitamin c serum and gently press in the direction I want no pain at all.
By Sam. G on March 13, 2017 


Principio de funcionamiento
La máquina de dermoabrasión Hydro Oxygen utiliza oxígeno bajo presión extrema y agua, toma pequeñas gotas de agua, a través de un aerosol para actuar sobre la piel. Puede penetrar los componentes nutritivos en los poros y grietas de la piel desde la epidermis hasta la capa de la dermis, luego promueve el renacimiento de las células, suministra rápida y directamente nutrientes ricos para la piel. Simultáneamente, puede limpiar la suciedad profunda de la epidermis. El oxígeno de extrema presión y el líquido nutriente pueden estimular el renacimiento del tejido fibroso en la dermis, hacer que el metabolismo de las células. Para mejorar la piel oscura, amarilla, cloasma, obtener un buen efecto de eliminación de arrugas, rejuvenecimiento de la piel, etc.
Puede tratar: acné de espinillas, manchas, eliminación de bolsas, secado, arrugas, frente, hidratante, áspero, opaco, suelto, blanqueamiento de la piel

Descripción de las manijas
La RF multipolar suministra energía térmica al tejido subcutáneo para promover la contracción subcutánea de colágeno mientras se enfría la superficie de la piel.
Hidro dermoabrasión
La microdermabrasión es un procedimiento no invasivo para el cuidado de la piel que, mientras exfolia la piel, promueve la producción de nuevas células y estimula el crecimiento de colágeno para mejorar el tono y la apariencia de la piel.
Martillo frío
El martillo de hielo puede encoger los vasos sanguíneos, reducir efectivamente las venas varicosas, las sustancias nocivas intravenosas más fáciles de limpiar, diluir las manchas tienen un efecto significativo.
Nano oxígeno chorro de agua
No solo puede eliminar completamente la suciedad profunda de los poros para que el 99% de las moléculas de oxígeno puro maximicen el papel de la esterilización, como el acné anaeróbico y otras bacterias dañinas.
Un ultrasonido de un millón de vibraciones por segundo cuando la onda se transfiere a la organización dirigida por la vibración puede facilitar la descomposición de la grasa y ayudar a prevenir la obesidad.
Depurador de piel
Vibra 25,000-30,000 veces por segundo. La limpieza profunda, el masaje, eliminan el envejecimiento cutin. Promueve la circulación y el metabolismo. Promueve la capacidad reciclada de la piel y la respiración. Sin daños y efectos secundarios para la piel. La operación es simple y conveniente.


Pantalla táctil a color de 7 pulgadas
Portátil 6 en 1 cuidado completo de la piel
Multifunción resuelve todos los problemas de la piel
La presión de alto vacío limpia la piel profundamente

Levanta y aprieta la piel
Hidratar la piel
Mejorar la tez
Rejuvenecimiento de piel
Limpieza profunda de la piel
Tratamiento contra el acné
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